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Doc Converter converts any Palm PDB and Microsoft Word DOC file to plain text (TXT), allowing mobile access to DOC/PDB e-books, despite the fact that e-book readers have poor support for DOC and PDB. Their support for TXT, however, is excellent, hence this tool. We support complete Word format specification and even keep basic formatting like indentation and paragraphs. All executive routines are native (compiled C code), which makes this app as small and as blazingly fast as possible. Average conversion of a 5MB book takes under 2secs.

Fully localized in English and Czech.

The converter supports extracting from ZIP files and has polished integrated file and ZIP contents browsers for easy selection of input files. File browser helps you locate your DOC and ZIP files. For ZIP files, the ZIP browsing feature allows you to browse the complete ZIP contents and choose which file to extract and convert to TXT. File browser has a context menu which allows you to delete files and directories like a simple file manager and open files with third party installed applications.

NOTE: Because Linux, Windows and Mac use different file name encodings in ZIP archives, you have to pick your encoding from a list if your ZIP contains files with international characters in file names. Windows itself uses 3 different encodings depending on their language. This can't be auto-detected, but the default setting should work for most users.

After conversion, the resulting TXT file can be directly opened by an associated applications like Moon Reader, etc (if installed).


[2011-06-07] Version 1.7 - add MS Word 2007+ DOCX format support, add "Unknown" encoding option that doesn't convert file names, minor enhancements

[2011-06-05] Version 1.6 - add Palm Document ("PDB") format support

[2011-06-05] Version 1.5 - fix FC (crash) on some v1.5 devices (Android bug)

[2011-06-05] Version 1.4 - file browser extended, new long click context menu allowing file/directory deletion and file opening with third-party applications

[2011-06-05] Version 1.3 - debugging message removed

[2011-06-04] Version 1.2 - first public release


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